What type of Encryption is used to store passwords by default in Mendix Database

Hi All, I want to understand what type/level of encryption is used in Mendix to automatically store the Passwords in Database. I was trying to read in Mendix documents/forums and i could understand that the encryption used by default is AES standard. but i couldn’t understand if it is AES 256? and moreover is the encryption done on the field level? Apologies, i don’t have much idea encrypting techniques but i could understand from modeler settings of the project that passwords are stored in hashed format and the algorithm used is BCrypt(recommended by Mendix) or SSHA256. Does BCrypt or SSHA256 uses AES 256? Can someone help me with a document/article where i can read about encryption in detail?  Thanks in Advance!
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Hi Varun,

You can take a look at this topic:


Its a comprehensible post – mainly about bcrypt, but also touches upon hashing – with most terminology explained.

With kind regards Stephan