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Convert default button to action


It would be really nice to be able to right click a default button to creat a microflow with the same functionality. Below some mockups to illustrate the idea.

When i right click a default button i would like to see an option to convert the default button to an action



We could use a popup like the current popup to choose the action of an Action button. In this case i would like a microflow to be created

After selecting the name and location of the microflow the microflow below is created, with an input parameter that matched the dataview.




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Arjan, the main value is that this will improve the productivity of the developer. It's quite a lot of work to remove the current default button, add a new button, create a microflow, add two activities to that microflow. If this could be done by selecting an option to convert to microflow a lot of steps can be automated.


Great idea! My team would use this a lot!

About 80-90% of the time, the page templates create the default save button, but we have specific tasks to complete prior to committing and therefor have to spend time performing the steps Ronald mentioned previously (create the new button, create the microflow, delete default button, reposition buttons).


I would use this everytime when I want to do some customization of the standard action. Now I always have to place another button on it, change the properties so the styling is the same, create the microflow, place the correct parameter objects and then I can start with what I want to do. If I could solve this by being able to convert the current button I can then start inmediately with the customization. Saves me 10 minutes each time.


Community, I'm evaluating this idea forum item. Because it has received quite some votes.

* Question: Could you, as community, elaborate a bit more on why this feature has value to you, and in which cases.