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Auto-Layout for Microflows and Domain Models


Complex or large domain models and microflows often get messy with overlapping or intersecting association lines or activity-transition lines between activities in the microflows. It is always a manual effort to keep arranging the layout to keep it neat and readable. Would be great to have an auto-layout option for domain models and microflows in the modeler.

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Any updates regarding how to do an auto-layout on a very large microflow? I am using version 9.5.1


Fully agree with this problem as described. See also my suggestion to add layers: 


Few months back, I also posted a similar idea for domain models, because microflows have that feature of auto-alignment. Now I see that this was already submitted a year ago. I was expecting it to be there in Mendix 8.


Long time ago, I made this:

You may take a look.


There are algorithms available that will do this, even for complex diagrams.


Would be cool if Mendix incorporates this for flows and domain models.


An improvement has been made in 7.18:

Align and Distribute Microflow Activities
You can now select several microflow activities and align them or distribute them evenly.

But more of this kind of auto-layout is surely welcome.


Unless an auto-layout option is very advanced and well designed, I can imagine that it will only work properly for rather simple models. I personally think that a good feature would be allowing turns/bends in associations, analogues to Microsoft Visio.