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Define non-persistent attributes for persistent Entities



first off, this is just a brainstorming idea, don't judge me :-)

Sometimes for persistent entities you want to show certain fields only under certain conditions, like if the user pressed a button or selected a certain value. 

Often one would achieve this goal by adding a boolean attribute to the entity and restrict the visibility of ui-elements via this exact boolean attribute. 
But if the object gets committed, the value of the boolean also is. It would be nice if we could define a single attribute  "non-persistent" to prevent it from beeing committed to the database.  

I know there are many workarounds to achieve similar results, but I think the overhead which is necessary for that is just to much. 


Let the discussion begin :)

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This would be indeed very useful.


@Jan: Ctrl+clickproblem is off topic in this forum-idea but since it is a good idea:


If we can use that non-persistent attribute also in a list, I'm in. That give you the option to mark some records and do something with it. The Ctrl-Click option for multi select has some limitations and if you select records and forget the ctrl button one time, you should start all over again.