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Edit value of strings in modeler


Currently right clicking in the "Edit" Value of string variables / IF statements / string attributes doesn't do anything.
And also the string entered can often contain different types of data which should change the syntax and behavior.

The idea:

1. Allow for setting the content type of the string value ( Modeler reference to Microflow or Entity / XPATH / OQL / HTML / Javascript / Plain text ),

This should change the behavior and colouring of the code inside the text box. Preferably allow for changing this setting next to the "Generate" button.
I'm seeing possibilities for autocompletion of code & OQL queries
Also creating XPATH strings / OQL strings can be useful for entity retrieval in the Retrieve action.
Proper code formatting of HTML / IF ELSE statements etc , but also it would be cool to have spelling check in the system language selected inside the modeler.

2. Add right click possibilities to these screens.

Simple actions like cut/copy/paste/select all ( sure expert users all use CTRL+C but i discovered this while i was eating a sandwich and tried to work one-handed)
Clean up (Format the code with good identations etc, can be useful for if statements etc)

Another cool feature could be quick edit a variable used inside the string value by right clicking on them. To explain how this would work in my mind. Most variables used in strings are defined in either a microflow (parent microflow, same microflow) or are changed in pages. If it is changed in a page quick editing the variable isn't very useful.
But when it is a microflow referencing back to when and where the value was changed / set being able to quick edit might become very practical.
So I would see this as a Right click > Open declarations / Call hierarchy > List opens on the right of the edit pop-up you can hover and click over each and it can be quick edit the variable in a split view.

3. Add to system text list (allow for configuration of the string value per system language)


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