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Back & Forward button in Desktop Modeler


I would like to have a 'Back' and 'Forward' button in the Desktop Modeler, so I can backtrack a path through microflows and screens more easely.

When I am debugging (or analyzing), I often want to go back to the tab that was shown previously.

A colleague has recently shown me to use crtl-tab and ctrl-shift-tab to accomplish this.

Before I knew about this, I used to close the tab that is open. However, this shows the tab that was most recently opened (which is not always the same as the tab that was last shown).
It would me more intuitive to have buttons on the top of the screen, close to Run Locally and View.

I included a screenshot of the toolbar of Eclipse as an example.

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That would be very nice. And in addition: scrolling through the tabs with the mouse scrollwheel would be also a handy feature!