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Desktop Modeller - Debugger: Break on exceptions.


While testing I find it often quite hard to find the point where and reason why an exception or error ocurred.

I would copy the filename shown in the console, use ctrl-g to find the Microflow and try to find the 'block' that caused the error.

If I want to know the values of the variables at the moment of the error, I would set a breakpoint at the beginning of the Microflow, and replay the scenario in the browser (if I can remember this).

It would be very nice to be able to tick a box in the Debugger tab of the Desktop Modeler: Break on Exceptions.

Ideally this would show the Microflow right before the error occures, so I can immediately inspect the values of the variables.

It would also be nice to then be able to backtrack the path (stacktrace) using ctrl-tab.

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Yes, this would be a nice addition. Also the differentiation between caught and uncaught exceptions


I completely support this. It will be hugely useful. Every other programing language has this feature. 
java –

javascript –'Pause%20on%20exceptions,what%20may%20have%20gone%20wrong.

Even outsystems has this –



Idea is similar to:


Good idea!


I really like the idea! I would focus on the uncatched exception errors, as the ones that are not directly catched by the microflow design are not that relevant (for example Call REST - 404 returned). The logs are most of the time very clear where the error occurs, so this should be possible!