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Show widget version information in the Modeler


Managing widgets in a project can be simplified. Currently the modeler only shows a list of widgets, but this is usually too little information, in particular when bugfixing, during a Mendix upgrade, when trying to get a working hybrid app or during cleaning of the project.

It would be very helpful to see for each widget:

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Since 7.23 more information is shown about the version.

No need to wonder what App Store widgets you are using in your project and to find a way to check if you have the latest version anymore! In Project > Tools we added the Update Widgets setting which gives you an overview of the widgets you are using, what their current version is in your project, and what the latest version is. Moreover, you can now select several widgets and update them by simultaneously clicking Update.


I know, but finding usages by a right-click would be more convenient and save time.


great idea for the filename/version.

to check if used, you can also use "Find Advanced" > search for: "Add-on widgets " within your desktop modeler