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Bulk change page properties


My apologies in advance if this has been posted before or if there is already some kind of solution for this.

For me and I guess for a lot of other Mendix users it would be really handy to have a bulk mode (selection of several elements) option on pages in which you can update properties of multiple pages at once. For example, this could be useful if you decide to switch to a vertical navigation in stead of horizontal all throughout your project, but the project already contains a lot of pages with the horizontal settings. It would be useful if this can be changed with one action in stead of opening all page individually and editing the properties.

Feedback and comments are all welcome of course!


Kind Regards,

Christiaan Koning

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Or as another example:

Ctrl-click text elements and then give them all rendermode 'paragraph’ at once.

These kind of actions would save a LOT of time!


even update multiple page properties at multiple pages at once should be nice.