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Make entities resizable


It would be great if we can make entities resizable, so it's easier to build good looking and better organized domain models. This is the issue now. When there are many associations, they overlap:

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Remember myself having added a similar suggestion a long time ago, all these overlapping associations could easily be fixed by allowing to stretch and shrink entities in the data model vertically. It would just need a drag handler at the bottom side of the entity. I guess it can be conflicting with drawing associations though between entities in this direction or from the bottom side. So maybe Mendix should just auto scale based on number of attributes, and if the space is to small to display the associations it should switch to that.


@Nikel HDI Apparently they only implemented those bezier points in the web modeler and put the entire idea on implemented:


I remember bezier points being suggested for domain model associations in the past. Whatever happened to that idea?