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Excel export of Find Results


While migrating from Mx6 to Mx7 we're also doing some refactoring on the model. As a part of that, I came across 2 different attributes which could be merged to 1 attribute. I will delete one of the attributes and expand the usages of the other one. For testers it would be good to know on which places in the application the old attribute was used. I wanted to make a list of the usages and changes in microflows, to give an idea of the locations in the application. Unfortunately I have to make a screenshot of the 'Find Results'. It would be handy to be able to export this data into excel, so we can also save it for testing after completing the refactoring of the attributes.

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Joost, I did not know that. Thanks, tip of the day :)


You can copy and paste the ‘Find Results’ into Excel.