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Check for updates when opening your project




Would it be possible to check for project updates whenever you open your project in the desktop modeler?

I am working several projects with multiple colleagues and not always simultaneously. So I have to keep reminding myself to update the project before starting my work day. It would be a great help if the desktop modeler at least checks if there are any updates to the project and possibly also automatically updates the project, as soon as I open it.


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Don't automatically update please. Sometimes I open the modeler to quickly check something, but I wouldn't want to wait for an update to complete, especially not on a slower internet connection for example.
I like Jelle Dekker's idea far more!


What Tim says.


You got my vote. Jelle Dekker's variant is even better.


I'd say don't automatically update, simply show that there are updates available. Even better: keep checking for updates and show me when they are available at all times.

Something like the screenshot below.