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Color code modules


During my presentation at Mendix World, we proposed to create modules within a certain category. Instead of relying on the order and/or post/prefixes it would be a nice addition if we could color code module, just like you can with microflow activities.

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Being able to group modules in folder would also be an solution. What I would like to see is a way to group modules with the same category (process/feature, foundation, transformation, integration or App Store customization). The modeler currently already automatically groups the App Store modules, which I think is fine. Since you shouldn't be changing them anyway, so the fact that they are kind of hidden is just fine for me.

I think that the current way to order the module can stay, since I would make sense to be able to order the modules within a category yourself, so that modules that have a close connection within a category also are visually close together. And I think that manually sorting the modules would be fine. It is up to the user to make sure that the modules from the same category are grouped together.  So in summary I dont think it is needed to automatically sort on color. But I also really like the folder idea.


Or what if you could put modules in some sort of folders? That’s what we have in Visual Studio.



Hey Kilian,

I’m sorry I missed your presentation; I would have wanted to see a couple of Mendix wizards at work. 

Anyway, I like your idea. Do you also expect to be able to sort on the colors? We would have to disable drag & drop in that case, because drag & drop is modifying the sort index. So, maybe two sort modes: color and index. Or more?

Can you elaborate?