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Subversion Format 31 support please (or perhaps GIT?)


Good day,


 Using subversion command line tools to automate deployments, I continually gets stuck with the ancient format 29 that the Modeller still use, and it impacts things that moves on, but we are stuck with old Operating Systems to be able to use even the latest Mendix modeller, as the latest Subversion I can use with format 29 is 1.7.x


 Please consider a serious upgrade to Format 31, which is supported since 1.8.x, especially as the current Subversion is already 1.11.x :(

Also, a GIT support in the Modeler to use internal version controls would also be very helpful in setting up an internal continuous deployment environment.

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Hello Hendrik, in Mendix 8 we (finally) use the new format that is being used by Subversion 1.8 and up.