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Bookmark the pages, microflows that you are currently working on


In a project with several modules, pages and microflows, I would like a way to quickly reach the pages and microflows that I am working on. Today, I have to do several clicks or search to reach the pages and microflows I am currently working on.


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Still hoping for something similar as well… as apps become more and more complex, I’d like a favorites/bookmark section where I can group microflows of interest for specific tasks. Also maybe a filter so I can quickly filter out all microflows/pages untouched by the selected commit. Maybe also ‘hide’ some microflows/pages that are not relevant for the story/functionality I’m currently working on.


Yes! Already hoping that the improvement of the History-functionality will take care of it. I would like to be able to select the story I am working on and, optionally, have the project-view only show the documents that have been committed in one of the story-commits, or ‘Changed but not yet committed’.



I like that a lot – sometimes I get lost in the tabs because I forget to close them. Currently I set a break point in a microflow and disable it so that it does not trigger but still show up in the break point overview – what a workaround ;)