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I want to be able to hide the snippet in the modeler


I sometimes have large snippets. When I use this snippet multiple times in the same form, I need to scroll a lot. So I want to be able to hide the snippet content and only see the snippet container with the name of the contained snippet. I still need to be abel to drill down. Preverably you can toggle the view of the snippet from full to limited.

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Snippets also tend to take a lot of resources in the modeler, in my experience. For example, we have a page with a tabcontainer with multiple tabs, each tab has a different snippet. These snippets often also have snippets. The modeler has difficulties handling this. A simple change (changing a text for example) takes a few seconds. If you could hide the snippet content, this would hopefully also require less resources.


Question: When you use a (large) snippet multiple times on the same Page, what is the reason to do this?

- You'd like to present comparable information multiple times on the page?

- Or is it because of the use of conditional visibility?






Couldnt agree more!!!!! I submitted the same idea previously