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Enhance the resolve conflicts functionality, especially for Domain Models


When a domain model is conflicted you can choose how to resolve this conflict.

The conflict can occur when someone else has for instance moved the same entity as you.

In this case Mendix gives you the opportunity to reolve the conflict by using either 'My' or 'Their' version. When you choose one of these versions all other changes (that are not conflicted) are ignored as well. especially when merging branch lines this can be very dangerous because it could be that in both branches a lot has changed within a data model. It would be great if Mendix could intelligently merge the items of the domain model that are not conflicted and lets you choose what to do with the items that are.

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In Mendix 9 we offer fine-grained conflict resolution which addresses exactly the issues you describe!



We’re currently making it so that purely visual changes, like moving entities or microflow objects and changing how associations and flows are connected, will not result in conflicts anymore!


Also implement https://forum.mendix.com/link/ideas/705. Far less merge-conflicts concerning a page-element's name.

And +1 for Chris' remark. And for Pieter's.

And at the end a list of objects changed by the merge would be nice for post-merge checking.




In the case of Apple xcode, a third-party tool helps to solve conflicts in binary files.


I totally agree with your idea!!


And please skip the conflicts in microflows when only positions are changed.


Or at least present a diff viewer so that you are able to actually tell what you throw away when you choose one over the other.