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Studio Pro with Electron


- Current studio Pro is quite slow and eat up a lot memory. I think i would be nice if Mendix can change to Electron and Migrate current .net framework to .net core

- It would be a lot of benefit for light weight studio, and can run on any OS.

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on a different note.
Atom a populair IDE is also built on electron, what I like about it, is that it seems easy for other people to make addons for it.

I also like that I can control visually how it looks, either by installing a different skin, or going into the sass and changing things myself.

I know mendix has plans to allow studioPro addons, but I dont think reskinning is part of the scope :( 


There was an announcement from Microsoft, they will use edge webview2 instead of Electron. This solution is easy to understand ^^. Team is very slow since it have to cover 250+ million active users. Should compare studio pro with VSCode. and now VSCode is a popular developer tools. 


Whatever the technique: I applaud any increase in speed.

For instance if you click in the Project explorer on any closed folder, it currently takes a second to open. Let’s improve that to opening immediately, like in other IDE’s.

For instance opening the (only 25 latest) history lines.


I'm confused by the original idea, you suggest a migration to Electron, which requires JavaScript, and then suggest a migration from the current .NET framework to .NET Core/Foundation, which would require a codebase written in a supported language like C#. I don't think it would be beneficial to take both routes, as both routes independently would offer multi-platform support.

I don't think a port to Electron would lead to a speed increase or lower memory consumption to be honest. Teams at idle uses more memory then Studio Pro at idle. It stands to reason that if you load your whole project into an Electron application, the loading of all the relevant JavaScript would eat up more memory then the loading of the compiled C# code in Studio Pro. More advanced visual features like the whiteboard in meetings are likely running on the cloud, and have a very low impact on memory as a result BUT, will not work without an internet connection. That's fine for a meeting whiteboard but less acceptable for an offline tool that you typically spend 7 hours a day in.

While Visual Studio Code offers great memory footprint out of the box, it only has to deal with text. I don't think Studio Pro would be able to achieve a similar memory footprint in Electron.

I believe the port to .NET Core/Foundation is the best approach for Studio Pro at this point.

Just my two cents.


so im def not the techiest person on this forum, but like you said, I've also been thinking about if it would  even be possible to recreate MX in a framework such as electron?
It would probably be a lot of work. But this would give you support for multiple platforms and web, just like slack, twitch, VScode, figma, spotify?

I think this might be worth a discussion :D