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Integrate Mendix Native Builder in studio pro


Maybe this is already on a roadmap somewhere, but…

It would be really nice to be able to build a native package from Studio Pro. The command line interface solution works fine but is relatively error prone and complex, whereas the parameters in it should mostly be available from Studio anyway (java home, project path, mxbuild path…. maybe even the api tokens from config, and app-info in the same way as regular deployment is handled).

The current deployment process feels clunky, and ever since getting spoiled by Mendix’ deployment process I think this could be smoother for mobile as well.

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We actually made a tool around the Mendix Native Builder because we also felt it was clunky. If you want you can download it here:

It made my life alot easier atleast, it remembers your previous inputs, validates them and you can simply select your folders instead of having to look them up by hand.