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In the Java-activity: show the code.


Show the code in the widget-interface so you don't have to open Eclipse to see the code. Currently, it only shows you the settings and if the documentation is absent (as it often is), you have either just guess based on the name and parameters or you have to deploy for eclipse and open it.

Do this similar to the current widget-interface of javascript-activity. It has two tabs, one for the settings and one for the code: 

And here is the code:


It would be a very big bonus if you can also edit the code, which is probably very doable since you only have one file that you actually edit. This would make the Mendix-platform an even more integrated platform.

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I love this idea, cause it is done with javascript action (this is visual code embedded). So it can be done with Java action. I think the visual code can now run with many language such as C#, java, python etc. Hope that we can have python action for machine learning and AI Pre-Trained model … in near future


@Rom. Indeed, but most of those java actions have enough documentation and are predictable.

I find viewing the java code most useful for unknown java actions, created at the customer or in AppStore apps, having little to none or unclear documentation, unpredictable functionality, parameters that have an unknown effect and there is no known author. Usually, when looking at the Java code, you know better what to expect. Being able to do so in StudioPro makes that easier.


I think this is of very limited use: if you look at community commons for example, all of the actual code is not in the Java actions, but in,, etc. which are unknown in Mendix Studio Pro. Most of the AppStore content published by Mendix follows the same pattern.


Show and update indeed!


I have upvoted this because I like the idea of being able to see the code (which is especially useful for Java actions that only wrap a single Apache StringUtils function or something like that).

But I dislike allowing editing. You really need a proper IDE when editing code. It provides automatic organizing of imports, code formatting, and displaying warnings and errors among other things.