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Decimal precision Auto formatting in data grid column


When working with an attribute of type decimal, the data view, template grid, and list view have the option to choose ‘Decimal mode: Auto’ as Formatting.

Data grid columns with decimals do not have this option.

Data grid columns should also have this option.

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Hi, do you have any workaround? It will be nice that datagrid 2 will be able to show decimal formating, such us 123,123,123.23 or 123.123.123,23


Hi Andries,

I don’t understand why that reasoning means that it can be implemented for data views, template grids, and list views but not for data grids. Nothing seems a data grid specific problem?

I am not the one who has to build it though, so thanks for the update.

Best regards,

Jeroen van Asten


Hi Jeroen,

As we also support thousand separator. The coma and period character do both have a meaning. Tried to implement such a feature for the Native platform, however we could not make it work consisently across al languages and use cases. So I don’t expect this will be implemented.

Cheers, Andries