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Ability to suppress warnings or remove warnings function



In the “Error List” part of the modeler one can list current Errors, Deprecations and Warnings.

Currently we have 679 warnings in our project.

These warnings are a mixed bag of things from app store widgets and our doings.

Looking through them there are things that I don’t know why they are a warning (may it be important, who knows?) but there are also warnings like “Empty caption template” (no text on a button, only font awesome icon used through sass)  or “No ‘On click’ action specified” for buttons that doesn’t do anything only there for style.

Since there are so many of them and some are warnings about something that is as designed and some comes from imported app store modules, no one really cares to look at why there are more and more ones.

My suggestion is to either introduce a function where I can suppress those warnings I know are as they should with a right-click menu or remove the warnings all together since it only is a distraction now.

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Ah, missed that. Well, only a month behind


This was part of the Mendix 8.7 release :)