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Mendix Studio Pro - Automatic Updates


Should be nice to have automatic updates on MX Studio Pro.

It will save time going to Mendix website donwload and install.

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Hi Jason, 

It makes sense your comment about “multiple apps made in multiple MX versions” since some widgets/functions are not available in new versios the users need to check before update or continuous working with mutiple MX versions.


It will nice a direct download button on Mendix to save time on version 8.20.


Thank you the feedback.

Emerson Umbinger


I completly understand the scenario.

The issue with mendix is that you could have multiple apps made in multiple MX versions, so you currently need all the different version. Unlike traditional software you dont “update” mendix, you download and install a newer version to run the project.

But i guess maybe on the homescreen a welcome notice with “MX 8.20 is out click here to download” might work?