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Improve errors pane in Studio Pro


Studio Pro 8.10 added highlighting of warning/errors for actions in microflows. And the suppression of warnings is also available for some time. This all works great and really helps.

I think the errors pane can be improved even further if you can set the option ‘Limit to current tab’ per level (error/deprecation/warning). I always want to be informed about errors, regardless which document. But I only want to be informed about warnings in my current tab.

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Any ETA yet?


Great addition to what was improved in Mx 8.7 but I’d also have another improvement on this.


Currently the suppression rules work for yourself only. This is annoying because we often ‘create’ warnings on purpose, see also my previous idea for this:

The problem now is, when I create a warning on purpose and I suppress this warning, my colleague also has to suppress this. It is possible to export the suppression rules every time I change it, and then my colleague could import them; but this is cumbersome… please just automatically share the suppression rules on project level so that we will actually start using it.