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Fix Scaling Issues in Studio Pro


I have a main monitor which is 3840x2160.  Not really anything special now days.

The “Edit Access Rules for Entity” dialog does not scale and hides the box with the roles that you can select.  I have checked in the latest drop and it is still not working correctly without changing my resolution.

Can this be fixed in the near future?

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Hi Neil,

You’ve got my vote, there more of those pain full things in the platform. I reported a view of these issue as bugs via support, most of them got solved. I would recommend report this issue too.

Cheers, Andries


Hi there,

It is the latest version but has had the same issue for the past 4 that I have tried.

It is the latest Windows 10 running on a Dell XPS.  The scaling is the recommended 300% so it might be that but most apps are unreadable at 100%.



Hi Neil,

Which version of studio pro and what Windows version are you running? I have the exact same resolution and both with additional Windows scaling and without I do not have this issue in anything above Mx 7.23.x but I do have issues in some of the older versions.