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Multi level find usage


A very important feature of Mendix Studio Pro is “find usage”. However, in complex applications, it is sometimes hard to follow the find usage path to all starting points. It would be great to have the option to generate a multi level find usage. The result would be a tree structure where the leaf nodes are the triggers that lead to the action you are looking at.

This would be extremely beneficial to (for example) find out which user interactions can lead to the execution of a certain microflow. At the moment, it is extremely time consuming to get this information.

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A tree structure which makes the usage of (sub)microflows visual should be extremely handy and time saving! With the reuse of sub microflows it's sometimes hard to get through the structure as it's not always clearly visible in the naming.


We discussed this during lunch today; hoping there was already an idea/feature request. Great to find the suggestion here already. It's exactly how you describe it; a great addition to larger (and older) projects.


Nice one! This would provide an efficient way to explore an execution flow