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Add a function ParseToEnum(<String>)


You have a string and want the enumeration. See

You can create a deadsimple java-action for it, as Bart Rikers suggests, for parsing your string-value to an enum. But we have not become Mendix developers to still need low-code for this kind of simple tasks. Don’t know why this is not part of Mendix since the early days.

Also: this trick is already part of the web-service. Receiving a string for some attribute of type Enumeration, the web-services component handles the conversion.

Hoping to see ParseEnum become part of its colleagues:



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This would be very helpful. So much better than making a microflow with a lot of decisions to parse an enum (without using java action).


Should be standard functionality. And since it is already available in Appronto Common, it would probably be low effort to include it in Mendix itself.


Would be nice to have it in Mendix itself (so upvoting). I know that such function is in the “Appronto Common” module.