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Login page setting without anonymous users


It would be nice if you could set a Mendix page as the login page of your application withotu having to enable anonymous users.

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Yes, up until now we did our login page design through the login.html file.

All things technical considered it works fine, there are just two caveats:

  • When updating AtlasUI you have to manually carry over all of your modifications. This makes it a very unclean solution.
  • All style changes to the login page have to be done outside Mendix Studio Pro. This makes it inconvenient for users to modify the login page. Image someone who wants to take our login page style, but add a custom banner to it. This is totally possible through the login.html, however requires much more knowledge than if it was possible in Studio Pro.

For now I will just consider enabling anonymous users in the template.

Thank you for your quick response and help.


Did you try to disable anonymous users and then use/restyle login.html? Or does it have to be an internal Mendix-page?


My goal is to replace the login page for our company starter app / app template.

The point is that I do not want actual anonymous users.

The main rationale for this is that users of the template should be able to enable anonymous users on their own, without being confused about what we prepared in the template for them.

Another reason is that this solution seems rather unclean, as i need to create a dedicated user role and possibly a module, instead of just having a clean slate.

I am not at all saying that this is not a good solution in most cases. It just seems like a far cleaner solution to be able to always set a mendix login page. I am assuming there are techincal reasons why people accessing the website without a user can not see any mendix pages, not even a mendix login page. However, I think this is still worth investigating, as it feels surprising that you can only specify a login page with anonymous users enabled.


Could you explain me your problem on enabling anonymous users?

If you have your security in place, there should not be a problem with anonymous users enabled.
You could even create a seperate module just for your login page where you have the Anonymous user handled.