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Dynamic tab page captions/names


It is possible to set 'Dynamic' captions on several parts in your application, based on an attribute value (For instance: button captions), however this is not possible for tab pages. I see tab pages as place where you would want dynamic captions.


Example: I want to show how many objects in a grid are displayed underneath a tab which is not open, I could use a (calculated) attribute to compose a string value when opening the page and then use this string as caption.

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It would also be helpful if the Edit Tab Page is structured the same way as other Edit Pages (i.e. Edit Text and Edit Action Button).

Currently when you double click a Tab Page, 'Name' is automatically selected instead've 'Caption'. Changing this to Caption would save the hassle of getting a validation error because you changed the wrong field. I imagine you change the Caption more than the Name.