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Trash folder for Mednix Studio Pro and Mendix Studio


As a developer, I would like that the items (Microflows, Enumerations, ...) that I delete in Mendix Stduio Pro and Mendix Studio will be moved to a “Trash” (or different naming) before they get finaly deleted. This provides me the possibility to have a fallback in case of deleted items by change.

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Yes, this makes so much sense
the exclude from project is a good workaround, but its not very 2020



I see what you mean, but my intention is more a different approach. If you have deleted a not committed implementation by chance, your solution will unfortunately not work. I would like to catch these cases. For your first suggestion, maybe this trash folder will automaticaly exclude these items from code.


The described functionality sounds very familiar to the ‘excluded from project’ functionality. Moreover, in case something is deleted permanently, you could create a new branch of an old commit which contains the document and retrieve it from there  by exporting / importing.