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Prevent modeler warnings for accepted situations


I like to have a model without warnings. Some situations cause valid warnings, but I accept these situations and, ideally, do not like to see the warning anymore.

E.g. an empty header for a data grid column causes a warning. In some cases I forgot to fill it and I will repair this situation so the warning disappears. In other cases I WANT no header, so I will not repair and the warning does not disappear.

I think some warningtypes should be flagged 'acceptable', and the developer must be able to accept the situation to hide the warnings from the modeler list.

Not all warningtypes should be flaggable.

Other flaggable warningtypes are:

- no 'on click' action specified...

- commit entity X could result in an infinite loop...

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This would be great to make better use of the warnings. 

Not sure what the best way to implement it would be, but would be nice if it could be combined with other ideas concerning the warnings like, filtering on modules, excluding modules, configuring which warnings you would like to see and which ones not.