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Generate overview pages - define where they will go



Please consider adding an option where during the generation of overview pages, we get asked if we want a new folder (as it the current default automated behavior) or if we choose to overwrite the existing pages in an existing folder with the same names.

Often when we are developing the domain model we need to regenerate the pages when too many changes have occurred. Being able to make a folder for default generated pages, and then pointing a new generation action to that folder allows us to quickly get new pages without having to change them individually, or change the navigation links we might have already set up.

Having an option to redirect the generation to another folder, and to accept the overwrites for previously generated overview pages makes life easier.

The default behavior should remain what it is now, e.g. it proposes or uses a new folder name that does not exist yet so the novice users are not caught by surprise.

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