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No smart selection in the modeler


Selection in the Modeler is really annoying when you are trying to select a single word or some characters between points and quotes etc (which we use a lot in Mendix).

This is because of the "smart selection" within Windows or the Modeler (?)

Would be very cool if this can be turned of.

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Very cool! Thank you


Wow, that is indeed very annoying! I have looked into it and found a fix. The fix is quite funny: the property in .NET is called 'AutoWordSelection' and is already set to false for our text editors. However, setting it to 'false' again, fixes this issue... It will be part of the next Mendix 6 and 7 releases.

Update: Mendix 6.10.5 which contains the fix has been released. The next Mendix 7 version that we are working on right now will also contain the fix.