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Microflow/Nanoflow to execute before a Page shows....


It will be great if you can define at Page level that before showing the Page an action (Microflow/Nanoflow) should be called first.

Often I start developing apps and create detail pages and discover during changing requirements that before the Detail page is opened a Microflow or Nanoflow should be executed first, to create for example a System.File object with an association to the entity used in the page.
In such case you have to revisit all screens where this detail page can be called from.
In addition, there is that risk that during any future development the next developer simply shows the Details page.

By being able to configure this at page level, we can guarantee consistency and make sure required actions are always run before the page shows.

Just my 50-cents, coming from a Delphi RAD Pro (and it’s in Delphi since 1994) who likes Mendix and likes it to further improve :-)

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