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Lines with corners or bezier point lines in domain models


Our domain model is growing and it's hard to maintain overview. It's impossible to avoid line crossings and association texts are unreadable.

Is it possible to introduce lines with corners or bezier points in the domain model just like in microflows? This would help a LOT! 

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Hi Dennis,  we started with the new Domain model visualization in the web modeler, first. And I want to roll out visualization improvements in the Desktop Modeler in future, too.


@Arjan: I see the status changed to implemented. While this holds true for the Web modeler based on the screenshots you've attached, I'm wondering if there are any plans to do something alike for the Desktop modeler. I think that's also what the OP was targeting with this idea.



Or make something like is used in the Node Editor in Blender (3D software). It is called a rerout point. It has no other function then to "guide" the bezier curves to a preferred path. In that way you can get straight lines also.

Another option that could be handy: draw a box around a group of actions and give the box a name (and comment). Now you are free to move the box around, including all actions inside. Works the same as a loop, but lines are still attached to the borders.

As you can see in the picture, Blender is using different colors on the connections. Each color represents a type. Yellow is color information, purple is coordinates ans so on. Would be nice to have those also.

Let me know if you want to have a demo of the Blender node editor. I live nearby. I will be in Rotterdam HQ 23/24-8-2017.



Lines with corners please!