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show modeler version numbers for projects

  1. Can you please make the version of the modeler that the project was made with in the project overview?
    It would be good to use the right modeler for the right project without constantly having to try and fail before we can open with the right modeler.
  1. Could you make it possible to open the project with the right modeler if we’re in the wrong one and you find it installed in its default location (or perhaps a user configurable destination?

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Thanks for response. However, can we still consider also showing the version of the modeler used for the project in the view above? I don’t work with Windows Explorer as my main entrypoint to getting to my project, plus the view above allows me to work with the team server, which the windows explorer will not.


Just open the project from your File explorer. Mendix Version Selector will automatically open the correct Studio Pro.