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Deploy tagged version to pivotal from modeler


Currently, when deploying from the modeler to Pivotal/Cloud Foundry, an unversioned version is deployed. With scripts, it is possible to read this version in the application from the package file, but only when it is versioned. It would be nice if deployments from the modeler are versioned automatically, replicating the following script:

0. make sure CF CLI is installed 
1. create a (versioned) package from the modeler 
2. run the .bat scripts (it resides in the root folder of the Mendix project) 
3. enter org, space, app, pivotal credentials 


.bat file:

echo Looking for newest file
FOR /F "delims=|" %%I IN ('DIR ".\releases\*.mda" /B /O:D') DO SET NewestFile=%%I
echo File found: %NewestFile%

cf login -a <YOUR_Pivotal_API_URL>

cf push <YOUR_APP_NAME> -b "" -p ".\releases\%NewestFile%" -t 180


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