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Folder organization option



Could you please consider adding an integer order attribute (1 – max int) to the folder names in the Project Explorer tree, and then sort on this order attribute in ascending order? (negative order reserved for Mendix, see below).

This would permit us to order the sequence of any folder in any tree construct so it makes more sense to us developers?

Maybe also consider a switch or checkbox to order or not  in the header bar just above the current Project tree node?

You could choose to not let us developers manipulate the order attributes of Mendix’s own folders (like Project, System, etc.) so you can control that sequence. Maybe give them order -10, -8, etc. so they always come before any order we set?



- ‘Sub Folder 10’  -  (order attribute 1)

- ‘Sub Folder 3’    – (order attribute 2)

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Did that already :-).

Just looks ugly, and if Mendix ever institutes any naming conventions for folders ever in the future where they cannot start with numbers then that won’t work either (seeing that there are already such conventions elsewhere).

So, maybe Mendix can offer us a an option where we can still order without having to mangle our names. Hence the request.


Why don't you name your folders like “01. First Folder”, “02. Second Folder” if you really need sorting?