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Include enumerations in batch translation


We have several customer facing applications, which will be used throughout Europe. The goal is to set up this application to support a large number of languages. In order to provide the translations, we use an export to Excel from the ‘Batch Translation’ menu. To my big surprise, enumeration captions are not included in the batch translation, so now I am manually adding and setting all these values.


Could you add the enumeration captions to the list of elements included in the batch translation functions?

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i face the same issue with enums not getting translated to target language. does any one have any solution for this?


Just adding my bit: I think Mendix should create a proper API  for these kinds of clients; typically, you'd expect these clients to do the translation work in dedicated translation software. Mendix currently cannot integrate with these platforms, and that is a shame.


I see this topic is a year old, but i have the same question simular like yours: getCaption(saved enumation in the database) wil get the translation of a enumeration value in the current language and works like a charm,

Now i want to get the enumeration in n other language then the current language, has anyone done this allready?