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Hell yeah: multi-select in Modeler!


I love the modeler but strange enough some 'dos or windows 3.1-basics' are still not supported.  

What about using CTRL en SHIFT to multiselect items in the modeler!

We would love te see that you can multi-select microflows, foldersforms, attributes etc so you can move or delete them with just 1 click!

And what about conflicts after merging. We sometimes have more than 40 conflicts where we all want to decide: resolve by using theirs. Or 'Mark as resolved'. Now have to wait 30 seconds each conflict and then go to the next.

I would save us sooooo much time. 

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@Mitchel: In Mendix 7.11 we added a 'Move' context-menu item to move documents without dragging them.


Yep, including multipe import and export


And in addition instead of having to move a document in the project explorer by dragging it (which is a pain in bigger projects). It would be nice to cut and past or copy and paste.