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Horizontal scrolling microflow editor


Microflows extend horizontally, yet it seems only vertical scrolling is enabled in the microflow editor in studio pro.

My mouse has a scroll wheel for horizontal scrolling, it would be nice if it functioned.

Another option (I prefer this one) is that the vertical scroll wheel will allow horizontally scrolling if the microflow does not extend vertically. This functionality is now only available if you use the vertical scroll wheel when your cursor is on the horizontal scrollbar. 

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I happen to have a crash dialog each time I try to use the secondary scroll wheel of my mouse :D


I know that the option with pressing shift and scrolling exists but anyhow I think it would be nice to have horizontal scrolling implemented. Especially for Mac-Users or touchpad users in general the solution with “Shift” doesn’t feel good and horizontal scrolling would really improve usability. 

I think it shouldn’t be a big deal to implement. In the manual of my touchpad I found the following:


I've been notified this already exists with shift + ctrl. Nice!