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Go to CSS class from page element



From a page element, we can see the CSS classes that are applied.

It would be great if we could just clic on the class and jump to its definition in the CSS files.

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This would be great. If your class name is defined in one of your scss files it would be convenient to jump to that place in the styling folder of your project.


We talk here about the developer experience and efficiency.

From studio pro, go straigh to de definition without running, inspecting, get a name and search file.

But i realize that a CSS editor is coming soon in studio pro , i expect to have this level of efficiency.


this doesnt really make sense.

most elements have multiple sass declarations.

you can go to them if you open the inspector, you can see what file it is, and even the line number.

these are all the declarations just for a h1

as you can see the element I would like to change is in typography on line 18