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Annotation widget for page building


It’s nice to write notes on some pages, whether that be for myself or to denote things for other team members.

The way I do this right now is to just use a text element with a `display: none;` styling property so that it doesn’t render on the page. However it would be nice to have a dedicated widget for this to better visually denote things within the editor, as well as prevent loading unnecessary elements within the page.

Perhaps something like this:

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@Sjors Schults

Yes sir! That’s part of the reason why it would be good to have built-in annotations for pages. Otherwise, a user could do just that and view the annotations from the developer tools, which isn’t great.

Also, @Jean Gabeler, that’s a great idea. Thanks!


Yes, that would be nice.

I add documentation in a similar way (by exception). However, instead of not displaying the element by inline styling, I would set a visibility rule on the element based on an expression that is set to 'false'. This way you avoid the element to be rendered within the page.


Hi Grant,

If you inspect the page with developer tools, isn’t your HTML element there and if you change the style property to display:block it shows up?