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Visual indicator of microflow/nanoflow purpose in the Project Explorer


It would be useful to be able to see at a glance which microflows or nanoflows are only sub-flows, e.g. they are only called by other microflows or nanoflows. This could be shown in the project explorer by a text label like “SUB” at the end of the microflow name, or some iconography in the same position that conveys a subordinate designation.

Furthermore, it would be useful to have a second or alternate icon when a flow is the subflow of only one other flow. This could be extended to a feature where when I click such a flow, the calling flow is highlighted in the Project Explorer.

The value of this feature would be the ability for developers to quickly see the relationships between flows in the app. This visual feedback would be a driver for better project organization and reuse of logic.

The inverse approach would have a similar positive impact, e.g. indicating which flows are exposed to the client on a button, navigation, REST service, etc., and I think both sets of icons together would be helpful (more is more).

Another layer would be adding iconography for “under the hood” microflows – event handlers, attribute calculation microflows, startup microflows, etc. (this would go hand in hand with a feature that designates flow types).

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