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Selecting Multiple Items in Mendix Studio Pro


Dear Dev,

          as an app Mendix Developer, I edit on lot off apps. when need to edit multiple columns and rows you have to edit them one by one, I think you would agree with me this is no efficient and time consuming. please an option to  multi-select and Edit them all at once, this kind of feature are available in Most of the Applications. where you can click on an item, press control/command and select multiple items with mouse. this would be more productive and less time consuming. 


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I think the crux in the idea of Kirubakaran is the 'edit’ part.


I fully support this request, while working on a project this would greatly help us in efficiency.


What I would propose is that similar properties are editable across multiple selected widgets. I have enclosed a picture for reference.


Mendix version 9.24.4.




The multi-select feature is available with the new release 9.20 and extended in 9.21. Please have a look here:
Surely, these new enhancements make development a lot faster. Was that more or less what you had in mind?