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Detail of history



When developer has changes in the project he is able to see the changes details. But if he opens the history of the project he can see only the modules that has been changed. So, the only way that I know to see what was committed is to made a branch from this revision and compare the changed modules manually…

It will be helpful to have detailed information of the changes in the history pop up of the project.

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Yes, in History there is a list with the all changes:

I mean that before commit I can see what was changed by double clicking on it:


In my example in the list of current changes I see that microflow “IVK_SendEmail” has been changed with one new parameter and End event was modified. After commit in History I will be able to see that microflow “IVK_SendEmail” was changed but without the details.




In the Modeler, if I click History in the Changes pane, as shown below

I get the Changes popup which shows me detailed information regarding what was changed in a particular commit (see the Changed in Model and Changes on Disk tabs).  I have pasted an example below.  What additional information are you looking for?