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Schedulers timing should be defined per environment



Currently the timing for schedulers is defined in the code, so it’s the same for all environments (also it’s possible enable/disable schedulers).
1. It should be possible to change each scheduler timing for a specific environment
2. It should not be needed to restart an environment to enable/disable, or updating the timing


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EDIT : this component fits perfectly
→ No need for anything else, @Mendix please close this idea


Hi Simon,

Thanks for your contribution :)
Actually, I would go even further : IMHO the scheduling should be way more advanced than what it is today, not only dynamic, but also we should be able to define something like in Google Calendar for recurring events : every week at 10pm, or every first monday of the month …
It doesn’t seem very complicated, and it would be super useful


About two: I assume the restart is cruicial to ensure the configuration is safely loaded and changes in the configuration cannot interfere with security or state of running threads. I see many scenarios where a “hot reload” of environment configuration could go wrong.


I vote for the first, but not for the second.

My current workaround is to have an additional environment variable. 

E.g. Scheduled Event is set to interval every minute, environment variable is set to 4. Scheduled event runs checks every minute  with a split but only every fourth minute executes more than the check.