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Find usages of toolbox actions


When refactoring or reviewing any Mendix app,

I want to find all usages of a specific action (like “Log message” or “Call REST service”) from the toolbox,
the same way I can find all usages of a specific microflow or a java action in the project explorer.

To check if best practices and code style were applied or to refactor/update all occurrences of that action somehow.

Suggested Solutions:

  1. Right click on the activity in the tool box “Find usages...”
  2. Add a Search for “Usages of specific action” with “Name of action” as a dropdown to “Find Advanced” as an option.
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This would really be beneficial for refactoring code! Any updates on this from Mendix side, if and when we can expect this feature? 


Currently there's no good solution for that as long as one does not search for activities related to entities, for example "Show Message" activity.


In Find Advanced, there is the possibility to search for integration microflow actions, but not for other actions. That would indeed be useful.