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Smarter loading of UI


Currently Mendix waits with displaying the page until everything on it has been loaded. Recently a widget appeared in the AppStore that allows to only load parts of the page. However when it isn't a microflow on the server that takes long to load, but the page itself, it doesn't really help. This is because Mendix will always show the progress bar on the screen when it notices that a page is loading, so loading pages in the background isn't working.


It would be great if Mendix would make it possible to indicate per Dataview (or groupbox and tab container) if the page may be shown when it's not yet done loading. It would also be great if Mendix would take into account hidden items (closed tab-containers and groupboxes) and only load content displayed there after the page has been displayed. This would greatly enhance the user experience of data-heavy pages in Mendix.

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I'd like to think that this relates to each other.


Is there any update on this feature? We could really use this as well!