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Improvements for the Domain Model view


Hi there, I have some ideas for improving the domain model view

Thanks. I’ll add more if I think of anything that may be helpful. Feel free to comment with anything you would like to see as well.

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Indeed, the domain model editor could use some extra features – I think there are already several similar ideas around.

btw. icons are already available :)


I’d add another improvement sugestion:

  • The possibility to show/hide entities… Specially when handling complex domain models… seeing all entities at once can be overwhelming and decrease productivity because you spend time fiding entities and connections. Instead, we could have the possibility to hide entities that we do not need to focus at the moment and see only the ones that we need to focus on at the moment. One way to achieve this might be having the possibility to create database diagrams, where you can just drag-and-drop entities inside the diagram.


What do you think of this?




Mendix should have done this from day one..